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Love Stories - A deep dive into our latest offering

A little ramble about my latest passion project...

If you know me you 'll know i love a creative project, teaching pottery is great and it really fills my cup but i had realised that other than some wholesale orders i hadn't actually created any pottery myself for awhile.

I felt the pull of needing to create, to push my current boundaries and try something new creatively and so Love Stories was born.

As a creative i think it's pretty normal to have more creative ideas than time available to create and i thought that through Love Stories i can tackle each of those ideas that have been stored in my brain for too long, one chapter at a time.

It will work like this..

I will dream up a theme - some ideas i have circling my brain currently are a paris themed collection filled with pastries, love hearts and dainty details, a farmers market morning with fresh flowers and warm coffee and greenery and of course Pajama Season which i have just created - a custom made mug made matching to your own pajamas

Once the theme is chosen i will create a special edition box for that chapter based around a feature mug that was inspired by the theme and a inspiration card that will help you, the owner of the new themed mug to really dive into the chapter and celebrate the chosen theme, be it movie inspo, recipe ideas or a custom playlist.

Every chapter will have a unique inspiration card with new offerings special to that theme.

Each chapters box will also include a custom made special additional item. Whether its a ceramic piece, a necklace, something from another small creative business i want to celebrate or something else entirely ..for example the owners of the Pajama Season box were gifted a hand drawn print and custom ceramic cloud picture holder so they can display the print in their home.

Each box will be unique and limited edition with only 12 of each box being made.

Leading up to each chapters release i will share ideas and inspo and mood boards on my instagram page to introduce you to the new chapters theme so you know whether it resonates with you and whether you need to be online on the website when the collection drops to secure your spot.

They will be listed on the website in small quantities and it will be a first in first served basis. They will be made to order after the order has been placed. Once sold out the designs will not be available for purchase and the design will not be repeated.

My dream is that each of these chapters will help remind you to slow down and enjoy the magic that life offers and help you to take a moment to romanticize your beautiful lives, even the simplest task can be wonderfully fulfilling when done with intention. More than a special pottery piece, i want the box to be ritual like, to really help you settle in to the chapters theme and look after yourself while finding joy in taking a pause.

Thank you if you stayed on to the bottom of that ramble.. i hope you enjoy the Love Stories as they unfold

Bels xx


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