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Kids Muddy Workshop

We had such a fun day at our first ever Kids Muddy Workshop event.

The kids made a range of things - all completely different and unique just like each of them. We made cat plates, trinket dishes, mushrooms, puppy pinch pots, tooth fairy houses and more.

The children blew me away with their big ideas, creative thinking, intuitive working with clay, ambition and joy. Most had never played with clay before but got stuck in and were really proud of what they created. Oh to see the world through a childs eyes. I couldn't help but come away feeling energised and inspired.

I definitely hope to host more Children's events in the future , maybe private birthday parties or just more casual holiday classes like this one. I swore I would never become a teacher after both my mother and grandparents were teachers as I saw the hard work it was, but after hosting this workshop I can see why they were all teachers and what they loved about it. The light in a childrens eye when they think up an idea, the proud grin when they complete their goal, the hilarious banter that they bought to the table.

Here's to more Kids Muddy Workshops in the Future ✌🏼🌀


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