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Custom Mug
  • Custom Mug


    Looking for the perfect gift or maybe just the perfect mug for yourself? Look no further!


    Choose between our 3 custom options and create the personalised mug of your dreams


    Our Stamped Mug - We will write a special message, name or affirmation on your mug to make it uniquely yours 


    Our Custom Handled Mug - Choose a favourite animal, shape or thing and we will make a custom handle for your mug like our shell mug above


    Our Wax Resist Mug - We will hand paint your chosen design onto a mug leaving raw clay where the wax is applied - this would be perfect for a business logo but could be a drawing of nearly anything


    Please allow 4-6weeks for your custom piece to be made and fired. If you have a shorter time frame in mind let us know and we will see what we can do.

      Contact Us- 0278578501
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